Community Update

There is so much going on in our Community. Below you will find an update on matters I advocate:

More funding to our parks and recreational spaces across Willoughby City

  • I successfully moved a motion on Council with unanimous support from Council colleagues that the following be committed to Willoughby Park:
  • New male & female public toilets
  • Additional toilets: adjacent to the playground, and on the 1st floor
  • Two new community rooms – ground floor and 1st floor
  • New Lift
  • Pre-school – new internal store and new roof over entry
  • Chowne Hall – new sliding doors to east terrace, new kitchen, and two new stores
    Demolition/re-building of the Clive Reid Pavilion (change-rooms & canteen).

As one local resident put very well in a community feedback forum regarding Willoughby Park Buildings upgrade:

Council should be spending money on these essential infrastructure projects that repesents the growing family demographic which we are part of that relies on open space due to smaller backyards and kids are not playing in the street. This is a fantastic project and well overdue for Willoughby Park.

New lights for Artarmon Reserve

I am pleased to announce that Artarmon Reserve has new lights. This oval is enjoyed by touch football players, dog walkers and general users. I have been given excellent feedback on these new lights and they have greatly improved visability for both sport and recreational users.

Absolute Minimum Rent Increases

I recently had an opportunity to visit East Willoughby Pre-School at Willoughby Park. I was once a proud graduate back in 1978. I would like to thank the staff who made me feel so welcome. I am a strong believer that Council should continue to provide support to these centres through its subsidised rental programs.

I successfully argued that Council should only apply the absolute minimum rent increase for East Willoughby Pre- School at Willoughby Park.

Supporting Small Business

I am a very strong supporter of ensuring that Council gives assistance to our local shopping villages. In Willoughby City we are very lucky to have vibrant and community shopping villages such as High Street, Castle Cove, Castlecrag and Penshurst Street. I have advocated that footpaths and paving should be well maintained and enhanced. Outdoor seating for cafes and restaurants is to be encouraged and made accessible to local shopkeepers. I have also been a big advocate that small business can compete with large business on an even keel through my opposition to spot rezoning. I welcome any feedback from local residents regarding how Council could further improve the ambience and community feel of these precincts.

Residential Development – Let’s make it fair for all

I will continue to lobby State Government to allow local residents and neighbours to have their say when residential homes are approved under a complying development certificate (CDC). Currently as the NSW state legislation stands, houses in certain areas of  Willoughby City can be built through code development (CDC) without any comment from neighbours and local residents. While I respect the right for someone to build their house, I do believe there is a place for people to comment especially if their home will be significantly impacted such as loss of sunlight. In many cases, compromises can be reached which often leads to contented relationships with neighbours.

  • About Angelo

    I am very excited and honoured to serve the community that I grew up in. It's been a very exciting period of council and I am very passionate to act on the issues that I am committed to including upgrading our sporting and recreation facilities, helping small business thrive, promoting cost effective child education facilities and sensible property development.
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